Less than one block from the Property is the High Line, a public park on a historic rail line. A retired elevated rail system built during the 1930s, the High Line ran along the west side of New York from Gansewoort Street to serve the businesses along the West Side and has since been substantially converted into a 6.7 acre, 1.45 mile path of open public space that is a tranquil escape offering Hudson River and New York City skyline views. The project includes pathways, plantings, seating, lighting, safety enhancements and other features. The High Line has two stair entrances in close proximity to the Terminal Stores building at 11th Avenue at 28th Street with connection to the Hudson Yards development.

The Highline is open daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM with access at West 28th Street & 10th Avenue or West 26th Street & 10th Avenue.